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MATCH UP 7BMW 7-channel car amplifier + digital signal processor for select BMW w/ HiFi sound system

MATCH UP 7BMW 7-channel car amplifier + digital signal processor for select BMW w/ HiFi sound system


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Swap out your BMW’s HiFi amp with this 7-channel Plug & Play upgrade amplifier with integrated  64 Bit DSP for BMW HiFi sound systems

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Product highlights:

  • 7-channel car amplifier with digital signal processing
  • designed to replace the factory amp in select BMWs with HiFi audio system
  • includes bracket and wiring adapter for installing amp in the factory amp location
Amp Details:
  • front, rear, and center channels: 65 watts RMS x 5 at 4 ohms
  • subwoofer channels: 160 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms
  • DSP adjustments and settings made via computer (Windows only) or optional remote control
  • built-in Real Time Analyzer for tuning your system
  • download DSP PC-Tool Software from Audiotech Fischer
  • inputs: 4 assignable speaker-level, 1 optical SPDIF
  • output: mono preamp (3 volts RMS)
  • channel settings can be separate or linked together
  • control button toggles between 2 presets
Adjustment Details:
  • 7-channel 64-bit 195 mHz digital processor
  • time alignment in 3.5 mm (0.0105 msec) increments
  • 30-band graphic EQ with fine tuning
  • 1-band parametric EQ
  • adjustable high- (20-20,480 Hz) and low-pass filters (20-300 Hz)
  • selectable filter slopes (6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 dB/octave)
  • selectable filter characteristics (Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz, Chebyshev, and self-defined)
  • phase adjustment:
    • adjustable in 11.25° increments on front, rear, and center channels
    • adjustable in 5.625° increments on sub channels
Other Features:
  • includes system connection harness, mounting bracket, and USB cable
  • Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection prevents factory receiver error messages
  • Power Save Mode turns amp off when there’s no input signal
  • optional URC 2A remote control available
  • optional DIRECTOR touchscreen remote control available
  • optional MEC HD Audio interface adds a USB digital input
  • optional MEC BT extension card adds a Bluetooth input
  • optional MEC ANALOG IN extension card adds a stereo input
  • fuse rating: 25A x 2
  • 8-gauge power and ground leads recommended when not using factory harness for power
  • dimensions: 6-1/8″W x 1-7/8″H x 5-1/8″D
  • warranty: 2 years

Overview: The MATCH UP 7BMW is an add-on amplifier and sound processor, designed to easily install into compatible BMWs with the (Option 676) HiFi sound system, offering more power and dynamics over the factory system. The included adapter harness and mounting bracket allow the amplifier to be mounted in the factory amp location, utilizing the existing amp wiring harness, and can even be hardwired in other BMWs where the adapter harness won’t work.

DSP: Configuration of the cutting-edge 64 bit DSP in the UP 7BMW processor is straightforward and intuitive using the DSP PC-Tool V4 software, that’s downloadable from Audiotec/Fischer’s web site (compatible with all Windows operating systems from XP through 10, MAC not supported). The unit features 4 main input channels and an optical input. An Auxiliary Input is also available via an optional MATCH Auxiliary Extension Card Slot (MEC slot) sold separately. All of the inputs are freely configurable to any of the 8 output channels: (2) Front, (2) Rear, (2) Subwoofer, (1) Center, and (1) Line Out. The 5 sections of the DSP PC-Tool include the following:

  • Main: The Main screen, of the DSP PC-Tool, allows you to modify each input with its own 30-band graphic and/or parametric EQ along with both high- and low-pass filters. Filter types include: Butterworth, Bessel, Tschebychev, Linkwitz, and Self-Defined, with available slopes in 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 42 db/octave. Other Main options include quick adjustments for Phase, Polarity, and Time alignment and the ability to mute any of the outputs.
  • DCM: This screen lets you activate and configure an optional wired remote, such as the Director or URC.3 (sold separately). Buttons on the remote can be assigned different functions from this screen and also include options for adjusting the Signal Detection Sensitivity for the Main, Digital, and MEC Aux input sources.
  • FX Menu: The UP 7BMW offers FX processing that’s specific for each output section: Front, Center, and Augmented Bass.
    • Front Processing: includes StageXpander, which enlarges the sound stage of the front speakers for a wider stereo panorama, and ClarityXpander, which improves the high frequency response for crisper and clearer highs.
    • Center Processing: includes RealCenter, which emphasizes the mono information from the left and right channels, and ClarityXpander which improves the high frequency response.
    • Augmented Bass Processing: Includes Dynamic Bass Enhancement, which extends boosts the deep bass response in relation to the overall volume, and SubXpander, which adds subharmonic tones to the fundamental bass for an ultra-deep bass response.
  • I/O: The Input and Output Configuration screen lets you assign any of the analog, digital, and aux inputs to any of the output channels by simply dragging-and-dropping the icons. Input channels can have 5 bands of either Graphic Shelf EQ or Parametric EQ applied along with Time Delay that’s independent for both left and right channels.
  • Time: This page lets you adjust the Phase and Polarity of each input channel as well as setting the distance, in either inches, centimeters, or milliseconds, for the Time Delay. Here, output channels can also be Muted.
  • RTA: The UP 7BMW includes a built-in RTA (Real-Time Analyzer) that can give you a visual representation of the frequency response inside your vehicle.

Class HD Technology: The UP 7BMW combines the efficiency of a Class H amplifier with the principle of a Class D amp. The result is an unsurpassed efficiency that easily outperforms any conventional Class D amplifier. By varying the internal supply voltage based on the amplitude of the input signals, idle losses are significantly reduced and overall efficiency is close to maximum at any time.

Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection, 3rd Generation (ADEP.3): The amplifier utilizes a new ADEP circuit to allow the processor to be integrated with new OEM car stereos. Newer stereos can detect the presence of connected speakers, and when common amplifiers are connected, the radio will display failure messages with some features, such as fader function, being lost. The ADEP circuit avoids these problems without loading the speaker outputs of the factory stereo during high volumes.

Automatic Signal Detection: Switching from analog to the digital input is done automatically as soon as a digital signal is detected on the Optical input. This feature can be deactivated in the DSP PC-Tool software and can be switched manually with an optional remote control.

Start-Stop Capability: The switched power supply of the UP 7BMW assures a constant internal supply voltage even if the battery’s voltage drops to 6 volts during engine cranking. If the supply voltage drops below 10.5 volts for more than 5 seconds, the amplifier goes into protect mode (Status LED will light red) to avoid any further battery drain.

Power Save Mode: The Power Save Mode will turn off the internal amplifier stages and the remote outputs when the input signal has dropped off for more than 60 seconds. When a signal is re-applied, the amplifier and remote outputs will reactivate within a second. This feature was developed since many newer vehicles use a CAN or BUS system which may “invisibly” keep the factory radio on for up to 45 minutes after the vehicle has been turned off, thus, keeping the sound system active. The turn-off time can be changed or deactivated completely using the DSP PC-Tool software.

Match Extension Card Slot (MEC): There is an extension card slot for installing additional input cards. (The additional input cards are optional, and sold separately.) Extra input options include Analog (adds two more speaker level channels, for six total, and a 3.5mm stereo preamp input), Bluetooth, and HD-Audio USB. To install an extension card two screws are removed from the end-plate, then the bottom plate slides out, providing access to the inside of the unit.

Note: The UP 7DSP can only accommodate one extension card.

Installation: The UP 7BMW includes a mounting bracket that allows it to be mounted in the same location as the factory amplifier, utilizing the existing mounting hardware. The included wiring adapter plugs into the factory harness, removed from the original amp, and has 2 Molex plugs (System Connector 1 and 2) that plug into the UP 7BMW providing power, ground, and all the speaker input and output wires. If the amp is going to be installed in a non-compatible BMW, the system includes a separate power, ground, and remote terminal-block that can accommodate 8 gauge wire for hardwiring. Pinouts for the System Connectors include:

System Connector 1:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

1. Left rear high-level input (-)                     11. Left rear high-level input (+)
2. Left front high-level input (-)                    12. Left front high-level input (+)
3. Right front high-level input (-)                   13. Right front high-level input (+)
4. Right rear high-level input (-)                    14. Right rear high-level input (+)
5. Right rear speaker output (-)                    15. Right rear speaker output (+)
6. Left rear speaker output (-)                      16. Left rear speaker output (+)
7. Right front speaker output (-)                    17. Right front speaker output (+)
8. Left front speaker output (-)                      18. Left front speaker output (+)
9. Ground                                                     19. +12 Volts
10. Ground                                                   20. +12 Volts

System Connector 2:

21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28

21. Not used                                                  25. Remote in
22. Right subwoofer output (-)                        26. Right subwoofer output (+)
23. Left subwoofer output (-)                          27. Left subwoofer output (+)
24. Center channel output (-)                           28. Center channel output (+)

Left Side Panel Controls:

  • Auto Remote (On/Off): Determines if the automatic turn-on feature is activated or not.
  • Clip LED: Lights red if one of the analog inputs is overdriven.
  • Fuse LED: Will light if one or both of the internal fuses is blown.
  • System Connector 1 socket.
  • System Connector 2 socket.
  • POWER/GND/REM hardwire connector socket.

Right Side Panel Controls:

  • USB Input: A USB Mini-B (2.0) socket is provided for connection to your PC with the provided cable. (Compatible with all Windows operating systems from XP through 10, MAC is not supported.)
  • Control: This pushbutton is used for both switching between software setups (1 and 2) and to initiate or reset the amplifier.
  • Status LED: Indicates the operating mode of the amp and if the undervoltage protection circuit is activated.
  • Control Input: This multi-pin socket is used for an optional wired remote such as the Director or the URC.3.
  • Optical Input: Used for inputting stereo digital signals in the S/PDIF format.
  • Gain: A small Gain dial is provided for adjusting the input sensitivity.
  • Remote Out: This 2-pin plug is used to turn on/off an external amplifier connected to the Line Out socket.
  • Line Out: A mono pre-out is provided for connecting an external amplifier.


  • Output Power RMS/Max:
    • @4 Ohms: 5 x 65 / 130 Watts (Front, Rear, and Center channels)
    • Subwoofer Output @2 Ohms: 2 x 160 / 320 Watts
  • Amplifier Type: Class HD
  • Inputs: 4 x Speaker-level inputs, 1 x Optical S/PDIF (12 – 96 kHz)
  • Input Sensitivity: High-level 2.0 – 8.3 Volts
  • Input Impedance (High-level): 13 Ohms
  • Outputs: 7 x Speaker outputs, 1 x RCA Line Out
  • Output Voltage (Line Out): 3 Volts RMS
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 22 kHz
  • DSP Resolution: 64 Bit
  • DSP Power: 295 MHz (1.2 billion MAC operations per second)
  • Sampling Rate: 48 kHz
  • Signal Converters: BurrBrown (A/D and D/A)
  • S/N Ratio (Digital Input): 105 dB (A-weighted)
  • S/N Ratio (Analog Input): 103 dB (A-weighted)
  • THD: < 0.03%
  • Damping Factor: >100
  • Current Draw: 450 mA
  • Max. Remote Output Current: 500 mA
  • Operational Voltage: 10.5 – 16 Volts
  • Fuse Type: 2 x 25 A Mini fuses (ACS)
  • Dimensions: Width – 6.125″, Height – 1.875″, Depth – 5.125″


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Amplifier Class

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7 Channel

Minimum Impedance (ohms)

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