When will my equipment ship out?

Please allow 2-3 days for processing. We will send a text message to the phone number you provided on the order with a tracking number once one is generated.

How long is my warranty?
The warranty varies from product to product depending on the manufacturer. Typically it will be one year but check the product page on our website for exact warranty length.
How do I send something back if it is defective?

Please call us with any issue regarding warranty, an associate might be able to trouble shoot your issue before sending it in. If the product is defective you will need to request or an RMA number by call us at (805)486-8307

Will I have to pay for shipping if a product is defective?
Yes but we will pay for the shipping of the replacement product back to you.
Does Breakers Stereo and Performance have a physical location open to the public?
Yes we have a brick and mortar store located at 465 N. Oxnard Blvd in Oxnard CA.

Stereo issues

My apple carplay or android auto doesn't connect. Why?
  1. Try rebooting your phone
  2. Try rebooting the stereo
  3. Make sure the cable you are using will transfer data. Try switching out the cable. It is best to use the apple cable that came with the iphone or the USB cable that comes with your android phone or a good quality cable, we found the cables made by Scosche work well.
When using bluetooth the people on the other end cannot hear me, what can I do?
Make sure the mic is plugged in to the back of the radio if it is and that doesnt fix it trace the wire from the mic to the radio to see if the wire is pinched.
My bluetooth won't pair up, why?
  1. Try rebooting your phone.
  2. Try rebooting the stereo.
  3. “Forget” the devices on both the phone and stereo and try to re-pair.

Speaker issues

My speaker won’t play, what should I do?
  1. Check the speaker wire on both end to make sure the connections are good.
  2. Make sure you are geting output to the speaker by testing with another speaker.
My tweeters no longer play, how do I check them?
If its a component speaker it could be the crossover or the tweeter, but make sure all the speakers connections are good first. Once you are sure of that it’s best to use a meter to test ohms/ resistance. One can be purchased on Amazon or at Harbor Freight for less than $10. If the ohms are good then more than likely the crossover is bad.

Amp Issues

I have no sound out of my amp, what do I do?
  1. Make sure the amp has power, there is a light indicator on the side or top of the amp check to see if it’s on.
  2. Sometimes the light indicator is on but there is an issue with the power wire or ground wire not drawing enough current. Check the power by using a multimeter and making sure you have between 12-14.4 volts if not then check the fuse at the battery to make sure it is good. Take your meter and check the fuse holder on both ends for 12-14.4 volts. Then check to make sure the ground is not loose or not making good connection.
  3. Check remote turn on for voltage
  4. Check to make sure you don't have a blown speaker, use a multimeter to test ohms, it should read whatever ohms you speakers are.
  5. Check to make sure you have signal going into the amp and that the RCA is not bad. First try using a different source signal into the amp, if you have an older phone or MP3 player you can use the a 3.5mm to RCA to go directly into the amp if you get sound then the RCA is bad or the source unit. Try using a different RCA from the radio to the amp to determine if the RCA or source unit is bad. If all this checks out you might have a bad amp.
I have engine noise how do I get rid of it?
  1. First you want to make sure the RCA is ran separate from the power and away from anything electrical that might introduce noise.
  2. Make sure your amp ground it good by using a multimeter and testing the resistance of the ground by setting the meter to ohms then disconnect the ground at the battery and taking one lead of the meter and placing it on the negative wire the goes on the battery terminal and then taking the other end of the meter and placing it on your ground. The less resistance the better but something at around .05 is acceptable.