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Can-am Maverick X3 Stereo System Package. Plug and Play MB Quart Stage 5 system w/ 2 subwoofers.

With the powersports category growing every year many manufactures have created plug and play audio kits,these all in one packs come complete with headunit, speakers, amps, subs wiring and mounting hardward. Some are good some are great  and we’ve featured a few system packages in the past so  lets take a look at another. This one is made by MB Quart and is actually pretty impressive… stay with as we check this one out.


Whats up Josh here from brakes stereo and performance, welcome to the channel that reviews demos all the best in vehicle audio, suspension performance and more.. Cuz we dont drive stock and if your like us where stock just doesnt cut it then makes sure to subscribe to this channel.


Ok so MB quart makes several different packages for many powersports vehicle for can-am ,polaris and even honda.     And systems range from stage1 to stage 5+ but in this video were gonna look at a 2018 CanAm Maverick with a stage 5+ system and just so we are clear the stage 5+ system is the stage 5 with the addition of an another subwoofer and amp.


Ok so the stage 5 system retails for $2529 which comes with the headunit, front speakers in the dash panels, rear pod speakers that mount to the roll cage, and a 400 watt 2 channel amp to run them so you’ll run them in parallel lefts together rights together Along with  a single 10” subwoofer in an under the seat box and a  400 watt 1 channel amp to run that 

 model# for that kit is MBQX-STG5-1

and .now the + is an additional 10” to fit under the other seat   with its own 400 watt amp to run it. Model # MBQX-SUB That retails for $654.99 and of course  you will get all the wiring and hardware to complete the installation for this full system  So the total cost is $3184.98 and if you purchase with us use coupon code MBQ10off for 10% off. Now this is a limited time offer so if you like want to pick one of these up act fast cuz im not sure how long this deal will last. 


Now in this video well go over each individual component along with the placement and then we’ll fire it up and check it out with a simple spl meter to get a reading on it, now weve done videos in the past for this vehicle so we’ll use the same song to get a reading so we can properly compare. One last thing before MB quart has put an instructional video together for this kit so if you’re looking to do the install on your own make sure to check that video out..well leave a link in the descrptioin below for that. 


Ok lets go over each component and thier features,

Starting with the headunit GMR-LED marine digital media receiver


  • 3.5″ color LCD screen and has a(IPx67 rating and lets get this out of the way all the components are ipx67 except the amps which are ip5)
  • am/fm and weather band
  • built-in Bluetooth® for music streaming no phone calls, because who wants to take a phone call when on the trail.. The point is to disconnect right?? 
  • Full adjustable 9 band eq
As far as inputs
  •  rear USB input with panel-mount extension; rear aux input (RCA); and a camera input
  •  4 volt 6-channel  preouts ( with 2 zones,and subwoofer with sub control)
  • large, backlit control buttons
  • waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof this also comes with the mounting shroud that goes on top of the dash for easy access. 

Now the dash panel speakers and rear pods have the same speaker

Model # NP1-116 6-1/2″ Nautic marine speakers (2 dash and 2 cage-mount)
  • power handling up to 60 watts RMS (120 watts peak)
  • designed to marine and off-road use
  • 1″ titanium dome tweeters which are nice and bright and they produce good soundquality even at high levels
  • Santoprene rubber surrounds
  • This package comes with the NA2-400.2 two channel  Amplifier:
  • Now this amp is rated at 100×2 at 4 ohms but in this kit you’ll connect the left speakers and right speakers together to get a final impedence of 2 ohms and this amp will do 200×2 in to 2 ohms
  • The freq range is between 20-20khx
  • And there is a variable high/pass and low pass filter up to 300hz

For the bass section we have the under the seat box 

Model # MBQX-SUB-2 which is a 10″ marine subwoofer
  • handles up to 400 watts peak power
  • enclosure mounts under front seat

For the bass amp its the NA2-400.1

This amp is 400×1 into 2 ohms has a variable lowpass filter between 30-300hz a variable sub sonic filter between 15-50hz 12 db bass boost and an includes a bass knob 

And again if you do the stage 5 plus system you’ll be doubling up on the sub and sub amp 

Ok lets head out and take a look at placement on this stuff…


These system is pretty impressive of about $3000 you get a two subs 3 amps, 4 very bright very loud speakers and a good headunit… not bad. If your interested in this exact package there is a link in the description below taking you directly to the product page