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Breakers Stereo & Performance started in 1976 as a CB shop by our friend and mentor Bob Graham. We decided to move into car audio in the 1980s during the car audio boom, making a name for ourselves with custom builds and even appearing in a few magazines. In 1999 we moved to a new facility, the largest in Ventura County, where we currently reside. We then decided to expand into auto accessories the early 2000s.  

In 2007 the original owner retired and split the company with a manager and an employee. That employee being Josua Furagganan, who had worked for the company since he was fifteen. In early 2016 Josua Furagganan and wife Jennyfer Lemmonier bought out the other partner and now are the sole owners of Breakers Stereo and Performance and since then transitioned to the suspension & performance market. 

With Josua’s years and years of experience he noticed customers asking the same questions and needing information regarding their next purchase. He then decided to start and host a YouTube channel to help educate and guide customers with their purchases and installs. Feel free to check it out with the link below. 

Our Mission

To enhance every vehicle to its greatest potential while educating our customers throughout the entire process.

Our working hours

Monday- Saturday 9am-6pm PST
Closed Sunday